How does Jørgen Søndergaard use IssMan?

Jørgen Søndergaard explored the market and quickly came across IssMan, which he now uses for inspection of the work environment on the construction site.  

When Jørgen Søndergaard is to make inspection of the work environment on the construction site, he simply uses a list of typical things to check for which is already in IssMan as a template. This makes it easy to get started taking photos and adding text for the report. He checks for typical mistakes in scaffold, foreclosure, lack of signs and much more.

Cooperation with the enterprise

Jørgen Søndergaard shares his reports from IssMan with relevant people from the enterprise. They receive notifications and can see the work that has to be done. When they are finished with the work or have questions, they report back to Jørgen Søndergaard in IssMan.

”I have made a PowerPoint which I present to the project manager in the beginning of every project. I show how IssMan works and they can ask questions if there are any doubt. When I hear a ”pliing!” from my bag I know it works. Then it is a project manager sending a picture and some questions on IssMan,” Jørgen Søndergaard says.

Many opportunities with IssMan

When Jørgen Søndergaard became an experienced user of IssMan, he could see even more opportunities with the app.

”I see a lot of opportunities with IssMan. Soon I would like to use IssMan in more of the processes in the building projects,” he says.

Jørgen Søndergaard is especially glad to use IssMan when making additional agreements with the owner. If the owner wants an area with asbestos in the ceiling teared down, it is easy to use IssMan to document where it is and how much there is. Then it is easy for the tender department to give a price on it.

”Then we do not have to worry about remembering what we agreed upon with the owner. Photos and text are made on the site when we inspect it together,” he says.

Jørgen Søndergaard sees the potential for IssMan to be used in many types of reports.

”When we one day had a break-in in a trailer on the construction site, we made a report with text and photos, which we could send to the police and our insurer,” he says.

Easy to use

Jørgen Søndergaard did not need a complicated app with a lot of unnecessary features. It had to be intuitive, simple, and easy to use. This is exactly what IssMan is, according to him.

”Of course, you must learn how the app works, but the interface is easy to navigate, and you learn it really fast. It is easy to use,” he says.