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Best practices for Quality Assurance

What is a Punch List or Snag List

What is a Punch List or Snag List In most countries a punch list is part of the construction contract or otherwise used as a way to meet the quality terms stated. If the tasks on the punch list have not been completed satisfyingly the large final payment can be withheld until the punch list […]

Improve Team Collaboration on Construction Projects

All construction projects must be delivered within the agreed quality requirements. There are many factors affecting this process, but at least two of the factors can be improved and controlled with a simple app: team collaboration and coordination.

4 Good Reasons To Do Digital Quality Assurance

Why would we ever think about developing an app for quality assurance and punch lists? What is wrong with using pen and paper, going back and forth from the site to the office to prepare reports, like the old days? We asked ourselves this question and the answer is wrapped up in main 4 reasons.

Why Use iPad Mini to Create Your Punch List

I often see site managers walking around the construction site with their paper blocks, pens and digital cameras, scribbling down notes and taking photos. After a day of work the paper punch list might contain more than 50 different issues. Furthermore there might be several photos for each issue. That is more than 100 photos.

Digital Photo Documentation is a Real Time Saver

Create the digital photo documentation directly on your smartphone – spend less time in the office and more on site. Site managers will know the time-consuming progress of doing quality control at the project site. It often involves using a digital camera, a paper block and a printed floor plan.