Digital Photo Documentation is a Real Time Saver

Create the digital photo documentation directly on your smartphone – spend less time in the office and more on site. Site managers will know the time-consuming progress of doing quality control at the project site. It often involves using a digital camera, a paper block and a printed floor plan. After a long day of noting and taking photos of issues and uncompleted items you have to go back to the office, to put together the punch list. Here you realize that you do not know which issue “IMG_154.jpg” belongs to. Furthermore the notes you took earlier are insufficient and the process off doing the digital photo documentation ends up taking time you do not have.

Use a smartphone app – quick and easy digital photo documentationIn these days and ages everyone owns a smartphone, and there is a lot to earn by using this when managing a construction project. Save time by using the build in camera in your smartphone when doing the digital photo documentation and punch list. In addition to saving time you can streamline the management process.

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With the right smartphone app the process of taking a picture, noting the issue and pinning a location is all done at once. Furthermore you can delegate issues to your colleagues and give them deadlines to fix the specific issue.

At the end of the quality control process you can send the digital photo documentation with one simple click. Standardized documentation rapports have been developed and you can decide whether to send a simple photo documentation with issues or send a more detailed report with all information available.

The process of repairing and fixing issues and uncompleted items has likewise been streamlined. Whenever an item is completed the involved person will update the item status, and the site manager or contractor will get a notification with the updated status. Your staff or team members can no longer use the excuse “I didn’t get the message” – as long as the communication is done within the app. This will ensure efficient quality control and issue management. Finally the digital photo documentation stored in the “cloud” ensures that you will never lose any data.

Easy to use Photo Documentation with IssMan

IssMan is an easy to use app and within minutes you are ready to do your first digital photo documentation and digital punch list. The first couple of registrations will properly take a few minutes each, but soon a registration will only take about 30 seconds. Whenever you want, you just press send and the digital photo documentation will be send, directly from the app to whoever you want.