Why Use iPad Mini to Create Your Punch List

I often see site managers walking around the construction site with their paper blocks, pens and digital cameras, scribbling down notes and taking photos. After a day of work the paper punch list might contain more than 50 different issues. Furthermore there might be several photos for each issue. That is more than 100 photos. Now comes the hard part of creating the Digital Punch List – putting together the right photos with the right notes. This is a time consuming process and even though Microsoft gave us ctrl+c and ctrl+v, it still takes up valuable time.

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I say, lets step it up and change this old school process. Everyone has a smartphone or a tablet today. For me the iPad Mini has a great size. A little smaller than a paper block, a little bigger than a digital camera, but everything build-in-one. We believe the iPad Mini has the right size to bring everywhere, and that is why we optimized IssMan for this tablet.

You can easily create your Punch List with IssMan. It lets you bring your notes and photos together, and it is even possible to assign someone to fix the issue – directly from the app!

It does not matter if you are a contractor, engineer or simply just a homeowner. We all need to make a punch list from time to time, and to have a tool like this is great way to save time – IssMan just makes it a lot easier to work with your Punch List.