How does Preben Rasmussen use IssMan?

Preben Rasmussen uses IssMan when handing over large apartment blocks. After showing the app to the general contractor, they now cooperate in all stages of the construction project.

Before IssMan Preben Rasmussen used a camera, a piece of paper, and tables in Word. It was tremendously troublesome and time-consuming, he says. It did not take more than a quick google search to find and install IssMan on his smartphone. He tested IssMan in the process of handing over a building project to the owner. Now he uses the app every day.

The general contractor was very impressed

Preben Rasmussen quickly became a happy and experienced IssMan user and had to show it to the general contractor. He was so thrilled with IssMan, that he had to get it on his own smartphone. Now he follows every step of the project from his smartphone even without being on the construction site.   

“The general contractor can follow the progress at all times. As soon as a task on the site is done, he gets a notification with a photo of the work on his phone. Now he is always up to date with the progress on the site,” Preben Rasmussen says.

In the last project, there were over 100 mistakes that had to be fixed before finishing the project. The general contractor used IssMan to assign the right people to the right tasks on the construction site. When the general contractor receives reports from the construction site on his phone, he continues to work on them and add new information from the office.

A simple user interface

According to Preben Rasmussen it is easy to learn and navigate the app shortly after it is installed.

”IssMan can replace many different tools, because the interface is so simple,” he says.

Personally, he uses IssMan for inspection of mistakes and defects, when handing over projects to the owner, and submission of tender. It is easy to take photos and notes and keep them the same place, so it can be used when it is time for the last inspection before handing the building over.

Preben Rasmussen is extremely satisfied with getting his money’s worth. He has tried similar products but none of them could compare to the price of IssMan.

”IssMan is a simple, inexpensive app. There are many similar products on the market, but they are too expensive,” he says.