How does Rasmus Petersen use IssMan?

Rasmus Petersen is testing IssMan on several projects for a large company where he is responsible for implementing new systems. He is looking for a simple and affordable app he can use for quality assurance.

“I have tried several similar systems, but I concluded that they are too expensive and complicated. It is like you need a technical education to use them,” he says.

He found IssMan on google and really liked the simple user interface which makes it easy to get started.

It is already difficult to implement new systems and if they are complicated and with unnecessary features, it is almost impossible to get the job done. It needs to be simple, and then it must work! IssMan does that,” he says.

When Rasmus Petersen inspects ongoing tasks, he begins with taking pictures of mistakes and defects. They are put in a prioritised order with a description before added to the drawing. Then the contractors are not in doubt about what needs to be done, or when and where it needs to be done. When the tasks are finished, the contractors report back on IssMan to Rasmus Petersen who can see documentation on the work they have done.

”You can say, that I use IssMan as a remote control for my eyes,” he laughs. “I always know how the work progresses along,” he elaborates.

Rasmus Petersen needs to show the owner documentation that the work is done correctly. The owner is continuously kept up-to-date with photo documentation and text. It is important to Rasmus Petersen that the reports are simple, professional, and homogeneous in design.

”The final stage of the project also runs professionally and straightforward. Instead of talk and endless e-mail correspondences, we use IssMan when we walk around and go trough the work. Both I and the owner get a notification when the work is done,” he says.